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PBFILMS evolved from the Smacktalkpaintball web site video section. I started out in 2001 with forums web site as a way for the players to voice their opinions about tournament paintball without being censored by the other paintball websites and industry types.Tournament Paintball needed a new direction otherwise it would Die or stagnant.

I felt a lot of the paintball videos were dull uninspiring, graphically challenged ,self centered incomplete pieces of works that were industry supported with their own agendas... PBFILMS will always be free of this type of politics, We just want to make the BEST DAMN PAINTBALL DVD's...Period. No lame interviews, No Industry product features, No self promoting hype, No old washed out players, Just Hard-core paintball Bonus Balling with off the planet music timed to vicious paintball beatdowns. I believe the more violent the sport the Better. Right now paintball needs to be defined so it can stand on it's own and not be lumped together with skateboarding or BMX like some in the industry types would like. It's a team sport...Get it.

I started out as a graphic artist/web designer with a background in photography and filming . I did a lot BMX racing as a student growing up. Filmed ourselves doing jumps, tricks, crashing going off jumps. Cool stuff ,but it wasn't going to pay the bills. Joined the Army Airborne Rangers for a little excitement then off to collage with a marriage right after that. Found paintball when it first began, moved my way up the tournament Paintball circuit which I ended after playing 3 years with Bob Longs Ironmen. Got burned out with all the politics (poly' tics 1.poly- meaning one of many 2. tics-blood sucking) PBFILMS is independent of the paintball industry so our DVDs wont have to feature old players tied to the industry. We feature the young an athletic players of today's paintball scene.

I am really passionate about the sport of paintball and feel the potential of the sport is infinite and unlimited. We strive to bring you the most High Quality Paintball DVD's available. Support us by demanding our videos in your local paintball stores and sporting outlets.Together we can make a difference. Checks us out this year a lot of great things will be happening with PBFILMS, and as always... NOT_FOR SALE

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